We believe work in practical, it gives a child to learn in more better way.

Mr.Shabbir Hussain

Mrs. Sunita Mukherjee

( Director )

Sido Kanhu High School provides a congenial environment for all-round development of the whole personality and its integration with the society, particularly in reference to the Indian context. Positive ideas are inculcated in students as regards, personal hygiene, neatness of uniform, cleanliness of surroundings, protection of plants, graceful manners, dignity of labour, obedience and discipline.

Mr. Pradiptah Mukherjee

( Secratory )

Highly motivated and dedicated team of teachers plays the role of a model for the children. Individual care and personalised coaching and regular effort have woven a very vibrant and inspiring environment. Learning is a joy here as teachers make their lessons very interesting by following various methods of teaching viz Demonstration, Experimentation, Project Work, Home Assignments, Play-way etc.

Mr. N. C. Thakur

( Principal )

Education is child-centered here and singing, mimicry, playing, dramatization echo in the campus. To include moral values in the students, the school starts each working day with the morning assembly that includes various patriotic songs, thought for the day, Quotations, Extempore speech and even items from the Tiny Tot's Section. The news by the students is read out daily.s is read out daily.

Mr. Rajesh Jha

( Vice Principal )

The school provides all opportunities to every child for his physical, moral and mental development and with this end in view. Thus, our students have been participating in state and district level debate, drama, dance, patriotic songs, painting, quiz, sports, parade and other competitions and in every field they have acquitted themselves creditably well.ves creditably well.
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