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1. Name: Saurabh Bhuwania Year of passing out: CSE 2018 Designation: Currently working as Assistant Collector (Hazaribag). Description: Role of SKHS: Secondary education becomes most critical in shaping one's career goals and aspirations. Despite Dumka being a small town, teachers and administration in the school was the torchbearer in igniting aspirations for life. There were multiple junctions in life which made my career worthwhile but SKHS as almamater and faculty being the torchbearers will always hold tremendous respect and credit in my life.

2. Name: Shikha Modi Year of passing out: 2015 Name of the company currently working in/Examination cleared: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP Designation/Rank in examination (if applicable): Assistant Manager Description: I feel fortunate enough to be a part of SKHS, an educational institution which focuses on all round development of students by giving them a number of platforms to showcase their talent, upgrade their expertise and gain confidence in life. Being a professional, one must be a good team player, a good communicator and innovative in one’s approach. SKHS has sensed it a long back and thus targets the 360-degree development of its students. All these efforts made by my school have helped me to be successful in life and to win 2 rewards in my 1.5 years of being a professional. This is just the start of my career journey and I am really excited to explore what the future has in store for me 😊

3. Name: Muskan Himmatsinghka Year of passing out: 2016 Name of the company currently working in/Examination cleared: cleared IIT-JEE, and studying at IIT Delhi now Designation/Rank in examination (if applicable): All India Rank 820, OBC Rank 80 Description: I, Muskan Himmatsinghka, am a resident of Dumka, Jharkhand. My education started at Sido Kanhu High School and I passed my matriculate exams from there only. My education started there actually means that it was only after I joined the school, my goals became clear to me and I started enjoying studying rather than just taking it as a duty. I started enjoying the path I chose for myself, and therefore I am really close to my goal. I am pursuing my BTech in computer science and engineering at IIT Delhi, as of now and I dream to be a software engineer to make something that brings a change and help those in need. The words of my teachers at school that guided me to learn still stay with me and keep me motivated to achieve my dream.

4. NAME: ABHISHEK ANAND (PhD NIT JAMSHEDPUR, M.Tech. IIT Dhanbad) YEAR OF PASSING: 2009 NAME OF COLLEGE CURRENTLY WORKING: NSHM KNOWLEDGE CAMPUS, DURGAPUR DESIGNATION: ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT) DESCRIPTION: Talking about my Sido Kanhu High School life it has been an unforgettable journey. My school life helped me learn dedication and gave me the platform to flourish my extracurricular activity. My teachers motivated me and pushed me to achieve my best which is a big part of what I am today.Sido Kanhu High School provided me the oppurtunity for my physical, moral and mental development. Talking about the school building,classrooms,library, sports, all these kept me motivated to my interest of learning. I have 3 years of teaching experience as an Assistant Professor and my achievements are οƒ˜ Publication on Assessment of groundwater quality through index approach in urban agglomeration of Dumka District, Jharkhand, India in National Conference on Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate Change (BCCC-2018) Organized by IIT Dhanbad from 10th -11th August 2018. οƒ˜ Author of Books i) ISHQ-1 (Published in 2015) ii) ISHQ-2 (Published in 2017) iii) ISHQ-3 (Publishing on 14th Feb 2020) οƒ˜ Third rank in National Level Debate in Civil Technical Fest 2014. οƒ˜ District topper in Chess, Painting and Debate. οƒ˜ Teaching experience in The Gate Academy Ranchi.